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Accounting and taxes


To be able to devote your time and energy to build your business, we also provide bookkeeping and help you to deal with tax obligations. Our accounting services are provided to natural and legal persons, one-person companies but also to large companies with many employees.
  • We will process your accounting documents, monthly and annual final accounts, record keeping and other required reports as needed.
  • We will comprehensively process your payroll and we advise you with your obligations as an employer.
  • We remind you in advance of payment obligations to the state authorities (tax office, health insurance company, Social Security Administration), according to the specialization of your business to avoid unnecessary penalties and administrative proceedings.

We will give counsels to you about the possibilities of tax savings and a reduction in the tax load, depreciation of tangible and intangible property, tax allowances, an international holding structures aimed at minimization of income taxes and dividend taxes.

Tax system

The main taxes in the Czech Republic are personal income tax, corporate tax and value added tax. Energy taxes were introduced in 2008.

Tax residents
Companies with a residence in the Czech Republic are considered the Czech tax residents and their worldwide incomes subject to Czech corporate tax. For permanent establishments and branches of foreign companies are in the Czech Republic taxed only incomes derived from sources in the Czech Republic.

Permanent establishments of foreign companies
A permanent establishment is deemed a place of business of taxpayers in the Czech Republic, eg. Office, workshop, retail space, a place for the extraction of natural resources. "Fictitious" permanent establishment arises when employees of foreign companies perform in the Czech Republic business, management and development activities or provide consulting services for a period exceeding 6 months in any period of 12 consecutives calendar months. The same applies in the case of the construction site. The presence of the person authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of a foreign entity in the Czech Republic can also set up a permanent establishment. Provisions of the agreement on avoidance of double taxation may modify regulations for permanent establishment.

The tax base and tax rate
The tax base is generally the difference between income (revenues) and expenditures (costs) adjusted in accordance with tax laws. To determine the tax base should be followed substantive and temporal connection. The tax rate on corporate income is 19%. Special tax rate of 5% applies to the underlying investment funds. For pension funds, the tax rate is zero.

Taxable period
The tax period is the calendar year, if the taxpayer does not choose a different economic year. Marketing year must take 12 consecutive calendar months and the change must be notified in written form prior to the responsible tax office.

Deadlines for filing tax returns
Tax returns must be filed within three months after the end of the period for which the tax return must be filed (ie. Before 1th of April in the calendar year). Taxpayers who are represented by tax advisor or subject to statutory audit, have a period of three months longer. The period can be extended up to 10 months if the tax return includes taxable income from abroad. In some special cases the period is shorter, usually one month.

Paying taxes
Tax liability is due on the same day when finish the date for filing tax returns. Advance tax payments are required to be paid by all taxpayers except those whose last known tax duty did not exceed CZK 30 000. Taxpayers pay advances monthly or quarterly, depending on the amount of the final tax liability.

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