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Establishing Company

We help you to establish your company anywhere in Czech Republic and abroad.  We will assist you with choice of the most suitable legal form for your business and arrange for you all the permits for commencement of your business.

Our assistance whilst establishing commercial company comprises primarily following services:

  • Preliminary consultation to find up the best way to proceed minutely all your requests and to propose you the best solution
  • Preparation of all needed materials and documents and procuration of translations of documents in foreign languages etc.
  • Arranging of important meetings in offices, attending to trade certification, license, negotiation with notaries and courts
  • Tax registration and related proceedings

To conduct of business in Czech Republic we consider most suitable one of following forms of commercial company:
a)    The limited liability company
b)    The joint stock company

a)    The limited liability company is most frequently used form of business company. The limited liability company can be founded by the only partner, and it is natural or legal person. Although the limited liability company has obligation to make a fundamental capital, the minimal deposit amount  is set to 1 CZK. The company contract can admit formation of divers types of company share. The share of shareholder can be declared by security. The share of shareholder can be conveyed as well as inherited.

Shareholders execute their right to participate the managing of the company primarily the general meeting of company. The general meeting decide equally about division of company profit. The statutory authority of company is one or more executive directors, to executive director pertains also the business management of the company. The company can found the supervisory board and that one superintends subsequently the execution of executive directors.

b)    Joint-stock company is a company whose capital is divided into a number of shares. The basic capital of the joint-stock company is at least 2 000 000 CZK, or 80 000 EUR. Share is the documentary security or registered security which the rights of shareholder to participate in the management of the company and in its profits are associated with. Shares of the company may have a different nominal value. There are two types of securities- registered securities that bear name of the holder and bearer securities where the holder does not have to be identified. The Company may issue the share on bearer only as a security to order or immobilized securities. Share in the form of security to order is called a share on name. Shareholders exercise their right to participate in company management, particularly at the General Meeting.
The joint stock company may be based on dualistic system where authorized representative is the Board of Directors, whose performance is supervised by the board of supervisors in accordance with the principles approved by the General Meeting. There is also one-tier system where the authorized representative is statutory director, supervised by the Board.

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