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Integration after arrival to Czech Republic
Foreign police
Foreigners are obliged to register their place of residence in Czech Republic to Foreign´s police (Alien Police Inspectorate, on the address Cejl 62b, Brno) within 3 (non-EU nationals) or 30 (EU nationals) working days after arrival.

This obligation does not apply to foreigners younger than 15, members of embassy or consulate staff of a foreign country or of an international governmental organization accredited in the Czech Republic, members of their family registered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or foreigners for whom the Ministry has arranged accommodation.

All the rest concerning the residence agenda (long-term visa, certificate of temporary residence, temporary, long-term or permanent residence permits) is processed with the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) on Department for Asylum and Migration Policy (Odbor Azylové a Migrační politiky (OAMP)), which resides on street Hněvkovského 65 in Brno. This includes also reporting any change in residence status, family status, residence address and so on.

Driving license
Holders of a driving license issued by any of the European Union member states can drive with their original EU driving license for the full period of its validity.

A holder of valid driving license issued by a foreign country may drive in Czech Republic with:
a)      A foreign driving license pursuant to the Convention on Road Traffic (Vienna 1968) or pursuant to the Convention on Road Traffic (Geneva 1949) for the period of its validity.
Foreigner who has permanent or temporary residence in the territory of the Czech Republic for longer period than 1 year is obliged to apply for the issuing of a Czech driving license to replace the driving license issued by the foreign country, and this within 3 months after the reception of the permanent or temporary residence for a period longer than 1 year.
b)      An international driving license issued in addition to the foreign national driving license in case this is not in
accordance with the Convention on Road Traffic (Vienna 1968) or the Convention on Road Traffic (Geneva 1949). The only limit here is the validity of the international driving license.

Imported car

A vehicle must be registered if you stay in CR longer time than 185 days. At all times, the vehicle has to have a valid limited liability insurance “green card”. To purchase limited liability insurance in the CR is possible only for vehicles registered in the CR. A vehicle can only be registered in the name of a foreign national with temporary long-term or permanent residence. This registration you can arrange at the Brno City Municipality’s Vehicle License and Registration Section on the address Kounicova 67, Brno.

Health insurance
Every foreigner has obligation to have a health insurance valid for Czech Republic. There is a public health insurance system regulated by government and accessible to all EU citizens and employed foreigners.

Health insurance card of citizens of European Union is good for emergency health services, but it is better to have Czech insurance including preventive health care in case of checkups, hospitalization, etc. Registration in the public system, outside of employment, is possible only after obtaining the temporary residence certificate for EU nationals.

Foreigners with nationality out of EU can enter the public health insurance system only when registered by a Czech employer or after obtaining permanent residence status. Otherwise they must prepay commercial health insurance with lower coverage limits at some of the commercial health insurance companies in the CR.

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