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Visa is a permit to arrive, stay and leave territory of Czech Republic or Schengen Area. Every individual traveler must possess his own visa. Visa document of children under 15 years of age must be registered in travel document of a parent or a legal guardian who obtain two stickers to his passport.
There are two types of visa:
  • Short-term visa issued as Schengen visa for staying in Schengen area up to 90 days for purposes of: business journey, culture, employment, official or political purpose, scientific research, sport, study, tourism or visit at the invitation
  • Long-term visa issued as national visa for staying in Schengen area over 90 days for purposes of: family unification, employment, entrepreneurship, medical treatment, participation in a legal entity, scientific research, sport, study.
The holders of diplomatic passports can have different conditions and should contact their Embassy in Czech Republic. The travel document of foreigner must have been issued within last 10 years and must be valid at least three months after the departure from Schengen area.

Employee card is a single permit, which replace the long-term visa for purposes of employment and authorize its holder to stay in territory of Czech Republic where he work in the job the card was issued for. This card is issued for period up to 2 years and its validity can be prolonged. You can apply for the employee card at your local Embassy of Czech Republic or in case you are already in territory of CR, you apply for in office of Ministry of Interior. You can also change the job applying for consent the Ministry of Interior.
More information about entry and residence in Czech Republic you can find on web pages of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic:

The blue card
The Blue Card is intended for foreigners, citizens of third countries (ie outside the EU). The Blue Card is a long-term residence for the purpose of highly qualified employment. The Blue Card entitles the foreigner to stay while of employment, ie. The foreigner does not need a separate work permit. The high qualification is considered properly completed university education or higher vocational education, which lasted at least three years. A foreigner who holds a blue card, issued by the Ministry of the Interior is entitled to reside in the Czech Republic and work at the workplace kept in the central register of job vacancies.


The Schengen Area Member States:

  •        Austria
  •        Belgium
  •        Czech Republic
  •        Denmark
  •        Estonia
  •        Finland
  •        France
  •        Germany
  •        Greece
  •        Hungary
  •        Iceland
  •        Italy
  •        Latvia
  •        Lithuania
  •        Luxembourg
  •        Malta
  •        Netherlands
  •        Norway
  •        Poland
  •        Portugal
  •        Slovakia
  •        Slovenia
  •        Spain
  •        Sweden
  •        Switzerland
  •        Liechtenstein

Member states of the EU:

  • Austria (1995)
  • Belgium (1952)
  • Bulgaria (2007)
  • Croatia (2013)
  • Cyprus (2004)
  • Czech Republic (2004)
  • Denmark (1973)
  • Estonia (2004)
  • Finland (1995)
  • France (1952)
  • Germany (1952)
  • Greece (1981)
  • Hungary (2004)
  • Ireland (1973)
  • Italy (1952)
  • Latvia (2004)
  • Lithuania (2004)
  • Luxembourg (1952)
  • Malta (2004)
  • Netherlands (1952)
  • Poland (2004)
  • Portugal (1986)
  • Romania (2007)
  • Slovakia (2004)
  • Slovenia (2004)
  • Spain (1986)
  • Sweden (1995)
  • United Kingdom (1973)
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